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Student Self Storage Near Andrews University

Student storage shouldn’t be expensive and should only provide you with the space you need for the items you want to store. At Add A Space Storage, we understand that you don’t want to pay for space you aren’t going to use. That’s why we rent you only the space you need. We’ll even come to the Andrews University campus and pick your items up and take them to our facility. Convenience is our goal, and we want you to keep coming back throughout your college years to our facility for your storage needs. So give us a call today to inquire about our student rates on smaller spaces and our pick-up service. We’re happy to help.

From Andrews University:

  • Campus main entrance turn right and go 2.5 miles

  • Add A Space Storage will be on your left across from Erhard Furniture

By: Shirlean Seawood, Parent

  • Darlene and her husband have been providing this service for 7-8 years; started when Andrews stopped letting students store things on campus.

  • A lot of student's don't have cars, so they will pick up their things and bring them back.

  • They are 5 miles from campus.

  • Owner has a Coffee Shop and a Deli Shop in front of the storage place - so she or her husband are usually around. Easy to reach and can accommodate fairly quickly.

  • The students things are piled up on a 4x5 pallet and put in 1 large warehouse. She will use other storage units if that becomes full

  • No one is allowed in the storage units/building unless the owner/Darlene or her husband is there with them.

  • $20.00 charge to pick up the students things from the dorm; and a $20.00 charge to bring them back.

  • $45/month Charge for Storage. They do Pro-rate if you don't have your things there a whole month.

  • You can also take your things to them (no pick up or delivery charge for this).

  • PICK-UP: The student will call her and arrange a pick up time, and tell them what dorm they are in. The student will box up their things (EVERYTHING WILL NEED TO BE IN A BOX, EXCEPT FOR LAMPS, BIKES, MICROWAVES, REFRIGERATORS, LUGGAGE, LG PLASTIC CONTAINERS, things like that) and bring down to the sidewalk. At the pick-up time, they will come and transport all of their things to the storage place. Make sure your name is on all boxes - items.

  • Large Warehouse is not climate controlled.

  • You can pay monthly, or up front, or give a Credit Card for the monthly charge.

  • If the student does not have a lot of stuff, they can share with another student. Just put all of their things together.

  • To store Refrigerators: have the student turn off a day or 2 before pick up. They will stick the fridge on the edge of the pallet and open the door so that it drains, and stay dried out during the storage time.

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