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July 17, 2017 - Dawn Nelson

"This is Dawn Nelson. I live in Michigan. My daughter Maya will be a sophomore. I would be happy to answer your questions (if I can)."


July 17, 2017 - Casandra Slade

"Hi Dawn! I was going to ask for your feedback-specifically to the dorms (Lamson Hall) - are there any special things you know now that you can share for us with students in the dorm for the first time? We have a pretty extensive packing list - just wondering 2-3 things that are must haves, 2-4 things don't worry about bringing? Thank you in advance"


July 17, 2017 - Dawn Nelson

"I probably need to email it so that it's readable. I just had Maya go through the packing list that you sent (Shirlean) for the dorm & cross off the things that she didn't think you need. 

Casandra, there is not much room in the closet. Most people have a small refrigerator and/or microwave. I would say just don't bring a lot of extra stuff like lounge chairs, etc. Your child can always get it when come back home. There's also a huge Target and Walmart in the area that you can go to if you need to. Things that can be purchased at these stores probably need to be purchased on the Michigan side. Shawn could definitely give you some information for the boys "


July 17, 2017 - Jennifer Stewart

"Jennifer Stewart here with a freshman going to Meier Hall. If Shawn Allen or someone with an older student can answer the same question for the boys, that would be great."


July 17, 2017 - Shawn Allen

"Hello all, I am Shawn Allen here in Atlanta and my son Ryan attends Andrews and will be going back as a sophomore. I am always available to answer any questions. I can remember feeling in overload last year learning everything but we survived and would be more than happy to share my journey. Look forward to talking with you all. There is limited space in the boy's dorm as well; for academics, his laptop and copier were essential; we got a fridge and microwave - essential; watch the amount of clothes and tennis shoes or shoes if your son is into that, that you bring because again - space is very limited.  Especially traveling from out of state I got stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond and had it so I could pick it up at stores close in the area. Then there is always Target and Walmart close by so don't feel u have to bring everything with u. We did the fridge and microwave when we got there, and Andrews sent out an email I shared this with Jennifer in linens for the bed sheets, blankets, towels I ordered from there as a package and it was good quality and it was nice to be able to buy a lot of things together that I didn't have to go and shop for individually especially with the comforter, bed linens, etc. "


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