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Freshman Orientation

I would encourage you guys to attend all the sessions they were all informative and helpful in preparing parents both emotionally and academically for the transition of their students from high school to college student. It was really helpful in reminding me of the importance of just staying on top of the transition from being away from home and adjusting to a new stage of life-growing up!!!......We were pretty clear that the first visit home for our son would be at Thanksgiving because he knew other kids at Andrews and we have friends in the area that he could get away for weekend breaks and have some time off campus but we ended up bringing him home for like a long weekend break that they have in October I think? just because he got really homesick and my child is a man of few words but you could tell in phone calls etc that he needed a moment and I as a mom needed to eyeball him to make sure all was well. He came home that long weekend and after the weekend was over he was rejuvenated with a positive attitude and he was ready to go back and tackle the rest of the semester. Plus Thanksgiving did not seem so far away when he had been home for October. He just needed to be in his bed again for a moment, eat home cooking and reset.....So I say all that to say be good listeners when you are checking in on your kids remember this is a big transition and be willing to break the rules if you need to to make sure they are okay emotionally.....Enjoy Orientation!!!! (Shawn Allen)

Shawn- This was amazing advice- thank you for sharing! (Casandra Slade)

Jasmariee is our only child so this is a big transition for us but she has been very active in traveling with and without us so I believe she will do better with the transition than usbut we will try to listen well and act accordingly as Shawn encouraged. Blessings to all. (Jasmine Mason Anderson)

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