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Student that BRAID/TWIST HAIR...

My daughters wanted to get their hair re-braided. We found this young lady who lives in a Student Aparment on AU campus. I believe she can either pick up the hair for her customers - or they can bring the hair with them.

She is flexible with her hours - so will work around the student's schedule. She braided both of my daughter's hair (one on a Sunday, and the other one the next week Saturday night) - so if your child in interested, they can reach out to Brianna &/or Brandi Seawood/ Lamson Hall - for additional information.

Text message from her:

Hi this is Sabrina. Yes I am still in Berrien Springs I'm also a student at Andrews University. My prices start from 65 and I'm available on Fridays and Sundays. My number is 774-329-4956

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